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Secret gifts in Prospekt shopping mall
In March, Prospekt shopping mall offers its guests to win a secret gift - a stylish secret box. What's inside is still a mystery. You can only hint that it can be something interesting, useful, amazing, fashionable, original....
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Welcome Giving Spring campaign in Prospekt shopping mall
1.    Organizer  ADA-trading LLC, EDRPOU (national register of companies) code 38375319 is the Campaign Organizer on request of the Prospekt shopping mall (Comfort Market Lux LLC, EDRPOU 34795907). Contractor's location:   Kyiv, 35A Mashynobudivna St.  
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Second visit of Vasyl Virastiuk to Prospekt shopping mall
On Valentine's Day, Prospekt shopping mall welcomed guests with an interesting entertainment program themed "Universe of Feelings".
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What do children want most when they visit the mall with their parents?
According to the results of a survey about the sympathy of guests in a shopping mall, children most often ask their parents for goodies (this option was chosen by 26% of respondents). That is, to be treated by something delicious at the Prospekt shopping mall food court. 21% of parents said that their children's requests relate to new toys and gadgets. 17% said that children are interested in new clothes.
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Astrology and predictions in Prospekt shopping mall
Guests know that Prospekt shopping mall often hosts interesting and useful events. You can come to the shopping mall and plunge into an original leisure time: once big chess, then space. And recently, they had the opportunity to meet with the astrologer Alina Shubska, who conducted prediction sessions for those in love on a special point.
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Welcome giving spring together to Prospekt shopping mall
The long-awaited March pleases us with sunlight and warmth. It gets dark later, the day gets longer, and you can feel the spring in the air. There are so many flower publications in social networks that convey the state of mind of users who want to share their inner blooming. Indeed, along with nature, deep feelings, dreams, and aspirations are restored. Spring is coming in all its forms – mystery, playfulness, colors and flowers that you so want to give.
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Reality show for those in love in Prospekt shopping mall: what do they know about each other
On February 14, visitors to Prospekt shopping mall joined the space festival of love, where everyone could find something to their liking to suit their taste. One of those was a reality show for people in love. Do you remember how in the noughties a show was on television, where those in love, alternately putting on headphones, answered the host's questions about each other's preferences?
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